The Love of My Life

To Jesus, The Eternal Love of my Life

His heart and MineImage by google
His heart and Mine
Image by google

For my sins you hung,
Therefore to know You,
I count everything but dung.

Your sacrifice for me was truly remarkable,
You’ve given me the power to do the impossible.
I humbly accept Your grace and love for me,
It released my chains and bondages; Glory to God, I am free!

How amazing it is to tell the world of You,
How being with You never makes me blue,
Rather it removes my hurts, guilts and lies
Makes me soar with Eagle’s wings – Yes, I fly.

Oh what joy it is to know You,
All the sorrows You went through,
Was for a sinner like me,
To walk in power, grace and liberty.

My gift to you is Me.

All of me – mind, body, heart and soul,

Now and ever,

Even when I am bent, weary and old.ย 

By Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2013


5 thoughts on “The Love of My Life

  1. It is so amazing such a wonderful act for us was done and because He lives we are able to write the most deep thoughts even when time from that day has been so long..
    Great poem! ๐Ÿ˜€

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