*Loving Me*

To Jesus, The Everlasting Love of my Life

His words to meImage by Google
His words to me
Image by Google

Its kind of difficult to put into words how I feel about You,
Someone who has been so faithful and true.
Words certainly fail at a time like this,
How I wish I could show You with a sloppy wet kiss.

My heart is entwined with Yours,
As Your passion and love for me like a lion roars.
My greatest desire is to please You,
To keep detangled from evil and all its properties eschew.

WOW! I get esctatic thinking of You loving me,
I just want the whole wide world to see,
That everything about You is as perfect as can be.

Your power and glory through me revelaed,
Will further my cause to never have your love concealed.
What greatness, what wonder, what grace,
Yes, that will keep me on the path of life.
And cause me in the end to see Your beautiful face.


By Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2013



10 thoughts on “*Loving Me*

    1. Smile. My dear Tony, u help make ma blogging experience worth the write with ur simple words of inspiration, encouragement and wisdom… dwl.

      Nope not to these words but I do have for a couple others. I may post one next week. This wk am just focusing on our love together – Jesus and I. I’m working on an album but its super expensive. I have two singles out but the others are just on recording instruments waiting for resources, time energy and the right ppl to come help me produce them.
      God told me ma songs will go world wide to set people free and bring them into relationship with Him. I completely believe Him. Even here in Jamaica, they’re been song in a few churches in my area for worship settings and even mixed in choir songs. Everything seems so slow in getting the full album done but I know my God is able. Plz help me pray for fulfillment {before am old and grey} in Jesus name 🙂

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