To Jesus: The Infinite Love Of My Life

Love is YouImage by Google
Love is You
Image by Google

I am awed by You,
Yes, I’m truly marveled by You.
I am fond of You,
Sincerely favoured by You.
I am made speechless by You,
I really have to confess to You.

I love being with You,
I love listening to You,
I love feeling You,
I love watching You,
I honestly admire You.

I wanna get to know You,
I wanna understand You,
To appreciate everything about You.
I wanna defend You,
When anyone says any thing bad about You.

I wanna sing for You,
Write love letters to You.
I wanna tell the world about You,
Yes! About how much I’m in love with You.

I don’t wanna upset You,
I don’t wanna hurt You,
I don’t wanna defy You,
Or even worst; deny You.

I am so grateful to have You,
Nothing will separate me from You.
My greatest desire towards You,
Is to love others
The way I am loved by You.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson.  Copyright 2013


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