*My All*


Love PersonifiedImage by: Goodsalt.com
Love Personified
Image by: Goodsalt.com

Yes, after all was said and done,
At the setting of the sun,
You gave yourself for me,
At a place called Calvary,
So that I could be free,
To reign with You in eternity.

Oh, They must have rejoiced,
When they couldn’t hear Your voice,
Driving them to reason,
How could You have come for all times and seasons.

We finally Killed Him! heh heh hehImage by google through o.getglue.com
We finally Killed Him! heh heh heh
Image by google through o.getglue.com

Aha, aha, I’m sure they grinned**

All the earth stood still as You stood in a triumphant pose**.

I am Aliveimage obtained by Google through - watchusplaygames.com
I am Alive
image obtained by Google courtesy – watchusplaygames.com

What grave could hold You?**


Rejoice World – Jesus is alive and well!**
he is risen

By Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2013.

*This poem is part of Rev Amorelle Lewinson’s poetry Devotional Book – “Tattoo Me”

To get the rest of this poem and much more inspiration – pick up your copy here 

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One thought on “*My All*

  1. Wow! They really did not know him. Satan thought he won and Christ would be silent after all. He could not have known that our Savior was going to get the keys of death and hell. He did not know that Christ really closed the book when He cried, “IT IS FINISHED”

    You really should compile these poems and publish them!

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