Three Years Already?

happy Anniversary


Three years ago today, I discovered WordPress and made my first blog post.  Can’t believe its three years already.  Yay Me!

Really want to thank all the persons who have been following and supporting my blog.  In this time I have received one award (The Sunshine)  Thanks to Jodi Ambrose who nominated me. and I am grateful.  Hope to get some more as time progresses. Smile.

You all have made my blogging experience an exciting and worthwhile journey.  Thanks for the wise, encouraging, uplifting, hilarious, enheartening, reassuring comments and the many “likes” you’ve given me. I am most appreciative and feel totally blessed because of the cyber friendships that we have developed along this journey.

Our relationship – Not serendipitous but Divinely Providential.  I believe that wholeheartedly!

I hope to continue serving you for many more “three” years to come.

Blessings and much love from Jesus and I.


8 thoughts on “Three Years Already?

  1. I have truly enjoyed both reading and commenting on your posts, and, I have truly enjoyed the fellowship.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

    1. smile. You have been a great blessing to me Tony. Who would’ve known asking you one question about a puzzling dream, would’ve led to and produced such great fellowship. Reading and diving into your giftedness regarding dream makes me glorify the God who gave them to you more and more. Its great cyber-knowing you. dwl.

  2. I must confess that I sometimes do not get a chance to read your blogs daily but I do read them. They are and has been great. Happy anniversary!

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