Touch my heart with what touches yours,
Cause my fears to truly disappear,
Blend me in to heaven’s heartbeat,
Let me find peace at Your mercy seat.

I, I wanna be blazing for Your glory,
I wanna be wrapped in your arms
So You can breathe
Your life,**

Copyright 2013 – All rights Reserved

*This poem is part of Rev Amorelle Lewinson’s poetry Devotional Book – “Tattoo Me”

To get the rest of this poem and much more inspiration – pick up your copy here 

final kindle front


7 thoughts on “Blazing…

    1. written the music? As in sheet music? no.. don’t know how to do that yet. Do you know? Wanna help me? 🙂
      The sound track is next to be worked on as part of ma album. I wrote this last year for our ministry camp. It’s been done in some churches now in worship settings (feel so proud). Thank Jesus and can’t wait for the greater in the future.

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