Never Part!

I have thought about it time and time again,
Why would you love me?
Put on flesh and die for me,
Just so I could be free?
I question and I ponder,
Lord it truly makes me wonder.

Wretched, wreckless, worthless,
Yet valued, treasured and spotless,
Your love has caused me to be.
Oh such sweet victory.

My eyes well with tears of joy,
I have no reason to be coy,
When all around me screams Why?

How then can I repay,
What exactly should I say?
I will be silent,
And simply reflect,
How on me Your love has such effect.

The sweet savour of beauty,
I’ll make it my duty,
To forever treasure what we have,
Eternally holding it near to my heart,
This way, my Jesus,
You and I will never part!

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.


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