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I have found a little kindness goes a long way,

Its a virtue that can be shared no matter the time of day.

It can  melt the heart of the vilest person,

No matter the occasion.


Many times kindness is unrequited,





However the joy it can produce after its done,

At times is second to none.


To understand True Kindness we have to look at the Son,

The epitome of all that’s perfect and true,

The One who first displayed loving kindness,

Which now worketh in us righteousness.

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Kindness is a very big thing,

Keep it treasured like a diamond ring.

At times it burns,

when you for it yearn,

Yet no one is there to fulfill your desire,

No one is there to meet your need,

Sad indeed.


Even as our Jesus demonstrated kindness no matter the cost,

Even as He went all out to reach the lost,

So should we follow His example,

And after His life make our pattern,

Yes, our own sample.


We know our rewards are guaranteed,

Jesus always shows up in our time of need.

If people are not there,

And it seems they don’t care

Remember you are never alone,

If in your heart Jesus has found a home.


Show a little kindness today,

Believe it or not – It does go a long, long way.

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By Amorelle Lewinson.  copyright 2013.


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