The Sign

Sometime ago I was ministering in a service out of  town when a young man – Paul** walked up to me during a mini break and said “Pastor this may sound real crazy but do you have something on your ring to make it sparkle and shine the way it was?”  I found it to be an odd question so I smiled.  I said “what do you mean…exactly?”  He too smiled and said “While you were speaking, I felt like the Lord was speaking to me through the sparkle and shine of your ring.  I know it sounds strange but somehow I was fixated to your ring and I couldn’t help but feel a stirring in my heart that God could be saying something to me”.

spakling ring

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The main reason I didn’t think he was completely nuts was due to the fact that I knew him well as a trusted man of prayer and the word.  I know He is not superstitious and so on, but even for him it was a little strange.  I smiled and said “ok, well after the service we’ll talk about it”.  He said “ok pastor” and returned to his seat. The service resumed and I totally forgot the conversation.

At the end of the service, I was preparing to leave when the Lord said to me “Go and sow a seed into Paul’s life.”  I said “ok Lord”, and I went looking for him.  At the same time he was looking for me for us to talk.  We found each other and I was secretly trying to slide him the seed when he said “Pastor remember we need to talk”.   So I smiled and said “ohh, I totally forgot”.  We got into talking and he began to re-explain and expound all he told me earlier.  I told him I don’t know what it means but I will pray with him and maybe the Lord will speak to me through the prayer.  He said “ok Pastor”.  So I held his hands and began to pray.

In the midst of the prayer the Lord began to talk to me that He actually was speaking to Paul through the diamond sparkles in my ring.  The Lord told me that He allowed my ring’s glisten to shine excessively to get his attention. The Lord said that Paul had been praying about getting married and was unsure especially because he was heartbroken once.  He was fearful to go ahead with this major step and even though He had been speaking to his heart that this is the right person and now is the right time, his fear and uncertainty was not allowing him to make this bold step.  Therefore God grabbed his attention by shining His light unto my ring and used it as a means to speak to his heart.

 It was a sign.  He saw the sign and followed its direction which led him to me and through me, confirmation about this major life decision was attained and so he could have peace and assurance in proceeding forward. I thought it was the craziest thing so I laughed.  I said to him “God really knows how to get our attention when we have our hearts set before Him.  He will use anything to speak to us once we are willing to listen”.  He replied “I believe that too Pastor”

I proceeded to inform him of all the Lord was saying to me. He was overjoyed.  I didn’t know he was dating and was praying for confirmation about this young lady.  These details I found out later.  The Lord also told me that I must help him with the wedding details and anything he needs assistance with when the time comes.  I also relayed this to him. Upon hearing, he fell on his knees and began to worship our Jesus.  What a glorious time it was…. it was beautiful! God is Beautiful!

I thought to myself, so many times the Lord uses the most unconventional means to speak to us but we miss it because we are expecting Him to speak the way we want, used to or expect. This causes us to sometimes make the wrong choices or making no choice at all.  When we syn our hearts to Jesus’, we must understand that we need to be open to any sign he chooses to use to speak to us. The importance is not the sign but to follow the direction, instruction or warning of that sign.


Father thank You for being Lord. Thank You for loving me enough to want to lead and direct me into Your truth. Thank You for all your hidden and revealed signs that You have put up to guide me along the way.  Thank You for understanding that at times I may genuinely miss your instructions. So Lord please help me today to be open to any way you choose to speak to me so fulfillment and purpose can come to my life and you will be glorified in Jesus name.  Amen!

**name change for privacy and protection.


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