The Sign [Part 2]

So I am still on the issue of Signs my dear readers.
I believe you can be in a room full of people who all saw the same thing yet it was a sign meant for just you. I also believe a simple situation can occur that proves something paramount – a sign of something significant that points you to an answer you are seeking from God.

This is what happened to another young man who was asking God about the person he intended to marry. His family was against marrying that particular young lady but he was in love with her and  he absolutely believed he was making a wise choice.  Albeit, he wanted to be sure, so he pursued God in prayer for an answer. He told me he asked God for a sign. He wanted his answer in a specific way and after a while, when God wouldn’t give him that particular way, he got desperate and told God to give him any sign He wanted. He told God just to give him peace in his heart, that whichever sign he displayed was from Him – God.

Needless to say, after he proposed to the young lady against most of his family’s wishes, suddenly this other young lady Marie** whom they were  friends for a while, began to desire him in a…not so friendly way. She began to speak in certain tones, use certain languages, sending dubious and ambiguous texts and even went as far as to visit her friend unannounced who my dear reader lives less than half a block away from Paul’s home.  Upon her night arrival to the friend’s home, the friend was not there and guess what my dear reader, when she realised her friend wasn’t home – should I say more?  She straightway proceeded to Paul’s home with her bags and all. Paul promptly told her she cannot stay there but he will accompany her to the bus stop so she can get a bus to go back home.  He relayed to me that after she was informed of such, she began to formulate excuses about how late it was and that she doesn’t know if she’ll get a bus. (The buses on her route operate until late into the wee hours of the morning – this I know for sure). With melancholy looks of despair, she came over hugged him and began to rub her “assets” on him.  She would not release him from her embrace.

He could hardly believe what was happening right before his eyes. He said the good thing was that he had left his front door open  in full view of his neighbours for accountability sake and especially since it was night and she was not his fianceé.  He said he forcefully pulled away and walked towards the door indicating their need to leave. He followed her to the bus stop, put her on a bus and returned home dazed and confused. Right there in his heart, he knew he received his Sign.

He thought to himself, why now? After all the times they were friends why would she be doing this now when he is engaged? she was their friend so why would she be so blatantly bold? What would’ve happened if he didn’t exercise restraint? His relationship with his wife- to- be would’ve been destroyed. He realised it was a total diabolic set up to destroy what he was trying to build – a life with this woman destined to be his wife {at least in his eyes he believed that to be true}. He said he suddenly found peace about his decision to marry the love of his life.  When Paul told me the saga, I thought to myself  “this woman is so pathetic or this was a complete trap, set to damage and destroy Paul’s life”.

You see God told Paul’s fianceè conversationally that he is her husband and he wanted similar sign. When it wouldn’t come, he got radical enough to be open to any manner God chose to speak. Upon doing that his answer came in a most peculiar format.  It spoke to his heart and he had peace to move forward.  Forward he did move!  

A few months later Paul got married to the young lady and now has a great marriage.  It has been so exemplary that many persons have told them how much they want to be like them – young and old people alike.  I am glad he followed what he believed to be his sign or else I wouldn’t have had him today. [blushing smile]  Most of his family have now accepted me and have had regrets they tried to stop us in the beginning.   Thank God He chose to follow his heart and the sign  he believed that confirmed they were meant for each other… because to tell you the truth – we are!  smile.

A Godly Marriage
A Godly Marriage

**Marie – name changed for protection and privacy


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