Smile and be encouraged today.

Jesus loves you infinitely and purposefully…

He told me to tell you…

image by Mikie Garcia –

9 thoughts on “SMILE :-)

  1. 😀 yes, Jesus loves me! Ds thought has bn in my head 4m evening. Blessd by ds 1 mommy. Myt luk simple bt it touch a deep spot. Whew! Mi heart! So encouraged. 🙂

  2. Truthfully said.Jesus is the light whoever follows him will never walk in darkness and will never be defeated .Thank you for liking my About.Blessings and regards.jalal Michael

    1. your blog is quite awesome! I am often placed in similar positions. Sometimes I let God’s nudges slide for “lack of time”, “business” or whatever other reason I concoct. God has been re-sensitizing me to the open heavens around me and expanding it by making time for people. So when I found ur blog I shook my head and said “ah Lord, You’re completely setting me up. Now you’re gonna tell me I’m inexcusable”. So my dear, Thanks much for making it hard for me to escape now! 😀

      1. I certainly know the feeling of being busy … It’s having enough time to pause for the one He is breathing on … I have missed it sooo many times … And i have felt His heart when I have declined His invitation to impact someone … Such sadness, but He lets me know He loves me regardless … Oh but the joy indescribable when you say “yes Lord” … He delights, and laughs, the angles dance and the cloud of witnesses cheer 🙂 … Either way I know that you delight Him!
        I have a marvellous testimony of not wanting to stop, but I did, and a girl with two broken legs is healed, her autistic brother is set free from aggressive demons and she and her mother give their hearts to Christ … The first part of the story is called “Christmas Shopping with Jesus” … Catch the fire … and release with Joy! He tells me you are marvellous in and of yourself … You are more than enough and He delights Himself in you as you go! Blessings Mighty Woman of God.

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