Take the time to…

Today my three year old son’s energy level and appetite was getting to me.  I began to complain and murmur in my heart “LORD HAVE MERCY, He eats very 15 minutes what I eat in 2 hours, he’s always messing up the place (I obsess about things being in order and being tidy), He doesn’t listen to instructions unless they are told to him fifty eleventeen times, I can’t get a moment’s rest without hearing “mommy, mommy, mommy…”.  I am so tired and weary. I really just need a break….GOD!!!!”  [murmur, murmur, murmur…complain, complain, complain].

Then suddenly the thought hit me… “wait – he can eat,  he can talk, he sings, (alot) he walks, he hears, he prays, he praises, he is healthy, he’s playful, he’s learning, he’s growing…” Oh my goodness!  How ungrateful, I must seem to God.  I felt terrible.  I immediately began to reflect on God’s goodness and I got to thinking about the many ways, God has blessed me.  Yes, at times I am fully overwhelmed with the many responsibilities of a Stay at home mom, wife, counselor and the leader of a growing ministry which all comes with endless responsibilities – but I am totally blessed. There are so many things I want that I don’t have and trying to think about that would surely depress me.  On the other side, I am not in any great need of anything.  What a blessing!

After yapping about my current responsibilities and future ones, my spirit rose up within me coupled with the word of God which tells me “to be thankful at all times”, and I decided I would not think on my wants or annoyance but to think otherwise on what I do have.  Then I realise that I am so B.A.D. No, no, no… Super B.A.D (see previous posts).

I was surely surprised to see how much my life is blessed. I lifted my hands in worship to God and with teary eyes, gratitude in my heart, I  began to tell him thanks.  In that moment I said “God I am sorry for the times I quarrel and complain.  I am severely and most assuredly highly favoured, blessed and delivered.  Thank You Jesus…Thank You Jesus…Thank You Lord!”.

My dear reader, despite the many issues you might have going on in and around you, take the time out to today, if even for five minutes and reflect on the Lord’s goodness.  Trust me, it will surprise you how blessed you are and the worst thing is you probably never realised….

image by: mandysynder24.blogspot.com
image by: mandysynder24.blogspot.com

4 thoughts on “Take the time to…

  1. Complaining and murmuring become so natural to us, but it seriously is ingratitude to God. Thanks for the reminder, “in everything give thanks”

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