He winks…

well the bible says that God winks at our ignorance and I think what I am about to share is one of those times.  I am a worshipper… its not what I do but who I am.  To define me without worship is not a full definition of me at all.

I had been singing to my son since the womb and he is growing up seeing and hearing me worship.  He joins me all the time drumming on his two basket covers and even does it when neither me nor his dad is worshipping.  He has busted all the drum sets he has received since he’s so forceful in his approach to banging on them.  He is getting better and better everyday, I must admit it.

So while I was singing and worshipping he joined me.  I was singing one of my songs:

“You saved me when nothing else could be done,

You saved me by giving me Your only Son,

You Saved me, Lord You saved me”.

Then my  son began with Micheal W. Smith’s “Agnus Dei”

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

The Lord God  Almighty reigns,

Hallelujah… Holy, Holy,

Are You Lord  God Almighty,

Worthy is the Lamb,

Worthy is the Lamb,


Here is my son’s version:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

The Lord God Almighty weigns,

Hallelujah … Ho-eee, Ho-eee,

Are You Dinosaur and buy z key,

Worfy is z Lamb, Worfy is z Lamb



If it amuses me so much, can you imagine our God?  He must be winking while having a nice “belly full of laughs”.


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