The Edge…

I was watching one of my son’s favourite cartoons “Bubble Guppies” on Nickleodeon and in one of the episodes Molly, one of the main characters saved a scared little baby calf from falling over the edge of a high cliff where he would’ve surely plummeted to his death.

I smiled for a while and then (knowing me) suddenly began to cry.  [I wonder if I am spiritually bipolar at times…smile]

I began to cry because I thought of the many times, my fears caused me to almost fall over “edges” or be blocked by “hedges”.  So many times I get so confused by challenges, difficulties, the unknown or even simple everyday tasks that mount up on me and I feel like I am going to loose it – you know, just fall over the edge; throw in the towel, but God!  Many times the caution signs are right before me but I just couldn’t see because my eyes were blinded.

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I think of the times I have undergone depression and I would’ve fallen over the edge – But God!  I think of the many times I had little or nothing to eat and would’ve gone to bed hungry – But God!  I think of the times I’ve had a lot and would’ve forgotten Him – But God! I think of the times I’ve had to go up against the enemy and would’ve fallen to sure defeat – But God!   I think of  how many times my family could’ve been broken a part with all the many challenges out there to keep a marriage and family severed – but God!

It all flashed before my eyes… just like that.  In  that moment I had a new found appreciation for the words SAVIOUR and SALVATION!  Jesus saved me from the edge.  The edge of everything that could’ve  caused my death and destruction.  The edge of hate and unforgiveness. The edge of bitterness and guilt. The edge of  shame and sin.  The edge of  jealousy and fear. His love reached down and lassoed me like a cow boy capturing a wayward cow. It was amazing to recount!

Jesus saved me from “the edge” and He can save you too.  He will catch you just as you are about to fall over then sit with you there so both of you can admire the beautiful scenery of the wonders surrounding the cliff instead of falling over it. Will you allow Him?




10 thoughts on “The Edge…

  1. Life on the Edge

    I had a dream in November of 2010. In this dream I was walking in front of a group of people, perhaps I was leading them. I was walking at the edge of a cliff and I was so high , I couldn’t see the bottom. I do not in the natural ever remember being that high up let alone in the times when I am dreaming. I can remember being terrified and seemed to know that if I fell, it would mean death. I did slip once and was able to grab hold of a tree and pull myself back up onto the ledge. I was conscious of every step I took as I was walking in the ledge of this cliff.

    My own personal opinion of the dream is that it has to do with ministry. The fact that I was on a ledge meant that is was a ministry that could be dangerous if I did not watch my step. My not being able to see the bottom of the mountain tells me that if I fall, “sin”, there is no climbing back up onto the cliff where I fell from. I can remember awaking from this dream terrified.

      1. I think that this dream has to do with a ministry where it will literally be on the edge and every step will have to be guided by the Lord with prayer.

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