That feeling…


Have you ever had “a feeling”…

A feeling like something good/bad was going to happen?

I woke up with that feeling today.  It was the “something good is going to happen” feeling and I believe somehow, somewhere and at some point soon, this “something good is going to happen” feeling will manifest a real super thing.  So my friend, you know what  I decided?  I will feed it with the word of God, lift my faith and embrace the day.

You have the power to make your day work for you instead of you working for and through the day.  Dictate and declare your day.  Give your day an instruction and make it work for you.  When you wake up in the morning, between your yawning, teeth brushing and coffee, consciously speak to your day. Theme it if needs be:

“Today will be a day of specific ideas and wisdom. Today will be great and I will be happy in it”.

‘Today is a day of favour for me. Today I will get a great parking spot when the lots are full because this day is a day when God’s favour will be evident on me”.

“Today my boss will not tick me off.  Today is a day of peace.  I will have peace no matter what”

“Today my overwhelming school work will not overwhelm me at all.  Today is a day of intense and immense strength and ability for me.  I will complete assignments in a timely and focused manner”

“Today my child/children/siblings will not cause me to tear out my hair.  Today is a day of laughter for me.  I will embrace the day with a sense of humour and have joy despite what may come my way”.

Today my spouse will not drive me insane.  I will appreciate myself even if he/she doesn’t.  I will take a few minutes to love on me even if no one else does.

It doesn’t matter how simple it is – declare the word of God over your day and make it work for you. Do it constantly, daily, hourly and believe it when you speak it! You say, “Amo, what if I do and it goes awry?  What if it goes totally opposite to my declarations”.  So what?  It’s better to believe the word than not!  Being confident in the God you serve and in the ability to form and frame your world with your words works better over all for you than being negative and harbouring evil foreboding. 

Look at this: When God spoke the world into being he said “Let there be!”  the word let indicates that something was opposing the formation of the world and His words, so he had to tell the opposition to release its hold so the worlds could be framed.  Therefore you may always have something opposing and fighting against your word but don’t give up.  Persistence of the righteous in speaking the word and conversing with God (prayer) avails much.  You plant seeds in the atmosphere and it must accomplish what it was sent to do – if not now, then later.  IT HAS TO!  God’s word cannot return to Him void.  That is a guarantee.

So go ahead. Speak to your world.  When the feeling of “something good” comes, welcome it – feed it and establish expectation of what’s to come.  When the feeling of “something bad is going to happen”  speak the goodness of the word to combat it.  Even if it does happen (which it very well may not), the word of God with your faith will cushion any blow that it would’ve caused.  Seriously, Its a win win situation.  Trust me – you’ll never lose in this one… keep at it and it will germinate good seeds for you.  Speak up – Speak up!




4 thoughts on “That feeling…

  1. Ha ha ha God your amazing!! thank you for posting this mommy. i decided the other day to really start declaring the word of God in my day to day life and activities and things has been great. it is true what one words can accomplish. i normally wake up and overwhelm myself with the things to do for school but since i started declaring the word of God in my day to day life things have changed in terms of me not stressing and believing that i am not capable. the problems and feelings of frustration comes aggressively but i have been experiencing peace of mind. things have been going so well the enemy just decided to attack me all day today. i did not react by overwhelming myself all i did today was thank God and smile. i mean the urge to start aggravating myself out came but the thought of God being in charge floods my mind and i know this works because i spoke his words and did not allow my feeling to overpower me. i was walking at one point today and the next thing i knew i was face down on the ground. i fell before my schoolmates and a lecturer, it was suppose to be embarrassing but i didn’t feel that way. i believe God cushioned my emotions. God is Good

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