Different Place

image by: danielrandle.blogspot.com
image by: danielrandle.blogspot.com

My son jumped into ma bed this morning mugged me and began assaulting me with this request:

My son: Mommy tell story to me plz…

Me: A story? Smiling…  What kind?

My son: Story of NJ (His name, he responds with anticipation and a gigantic smile)

Me: Ok. (thinking what kinda story I would tell him) Once upon a time there was a sweet little boy by the name of NJ………

I carried the story on for a while making up as I go along. I began declaring and decreeing somethings over his life – in story format.  Normally at the end of the story I would say “Thee Eeenndddd” stretching out those two words as much as possible since he seems to like when I do it.  However this time, my mind was in a total different place and something else came out:

Me: “….and NJ lived happily ever after, In Jesus Name Amen!”

My son’s face was like huh? Not prayer mommy…story!

The confused look on his face at my end credits caused me to laughed endlessly, I guess I got so caught up in the story it turned in a prayer with lots a Jesus and all.  My heart and soul was in the story and he was so enthused I just got all in there…all in there. It reminded me of  the conversational prayers I have with my Eternal Lover on a daily basis and so it ended likewise. HAHAHA.  It reminds me of this scripture:

“…for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”. (Matt 12:34 KJV) 

Have you ever started one way in a story and ended in  a total different place because your heart “got into it?”


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