Pop, pop, crackle

Life with and in Jesus is awesome!

I love being in relationship with Him! A mean, I really do (except for when I want an answer from Him for a specific thing and He refuses to answer for reasons known only to Him).  Otherwise, having an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus ROCKS! Totally!

Who wouldn’t want to be in love and involved with a loving Know-it-all?  A mean, a true know it all?  Not an arrogant, puffed up, self-proclaimed narcissistic know-it-all, but a Divine Being who truly knows it all?

Take for example on Friday of last week, a typical day, I went to use my microwave to heat up some lunch for myself and my son, when the Lord said softly to me “FIRE”.  I went “Fire?  hmmm”.  So instead of walking away like usual I stood there wondering if the fire was gonna come from the microwave since He said it as I closed the door and turned it on. About half way through the heating process I heard ‘pop, pop, pop, crackle, crackle, ssttt, ssstttt and poof’. Immediately a fire ensued. Whoa! The plug began to burn and the kitchen began to fill up with fumes.  I nervously grabbed it and unplugged it from the socket. It would not budge because it began to melt.  I ran to the other socket and yanked it with all my might and then it finally popped out.  Good Gracious! It was quite a scary event.  I was glad my son did not come running in there because I would not want him to see what was happening.

When everything became calm and under control I smiled and said “Thank You Lord!”.  Imagine if He didn’t tell me before it happened?  I would’ve just put the food in, walk away and maybe by the time I realised what was happening, it would be a tragedy of some sort. Whew!  Yay God!

Friend, Jesus loves you and just wants to be close to you. He wants to direct your life so you can live to the fullest. I want to encourage you to get deeper with Him if you are already in relationship with Him.  Having a dynamite relationship with the Lord of the world, is worth all the pain and sacrifice it takes to maintain it.  If you don’t know Him, I’d invite you to get to know Him.  Believe me it’s the best decision you can make in your entire lifetime. His love will give you purpose and present you with a life actually worth living.


12 thoughts on “Pop, pop, crackle

  1. That’s so cool. Well, not that your microwave caught on fire, but – you know!

    I hate it when I *don’t* listen…like the time I went to step on a chair to reach a high shelf. He said, “Don’t.” I did…you know the rest of the story.

  2. Yahweh is our Shepherd and leads and guides us. So glad for your listening ears. A tragedy was averted and his loving protection was there for you and your son. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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