Never Stale

I have quite a number of spiritual kids and I love them very much. I am blessed and fortunate to do what I do. I am destined to reach souls yes, but God has anointed me to reach young people in a way that many can’t – simply because I am anointed to do so…no other reason.  I am able to operate in God’s grace, love and mercy with them more than the average person – simply because I am anointed to do so…no other reason.  I live and dream about finding ways to get them saved and into their purpose – simply because I am anointed to do so…no other reason. Its my passion.

It took me a long while to understand this however and along the way I lost myself several times.  Now I’m flowing in it and its problematic for some persons.  I know of parents stopping their children from attending my ministry or events of my ministry not because I am fake or false or ungodly or a terrible leader, or too radical or too unorthodox (though some find my radicality frightening) or lacking integrity or unrighteous or anything of that nature. They forbid them because “they talk about my ministry and me way too much. They’re too excited about what’s going on in our ministry”.  That’s kinda funny.

I smile because I wonder if when we say we want our children or even our friends and loved ones changed to serving Christ, if we really do or we want them conforming to our idea of change. When our kids get radical and excited about the things of God that we find way too “out there”, we get nervous and try to pull them back into the old traditional or cultural way of things and reject anything new because it makes us feel comfortable and ‘in control’.

Our God is as evolving as the times. Thinking about it, He’s not exactly evolving but our ideas and knowledge of Him keeps shifting and changing which makes Him appear to be evolving.  Its like the sun appears to be moving when in reality its the earth that is and not the sun itself.  God’s words, laws and principles remain the same but His methods are never outdated  He’s never stale! He is the Inventor of inventions, the Original of every copy, the Creator of creativity and the Author of newness.  God is so much into newness that even His mercies are NEW every morning.  How about that?

I’m simply saying if we want true heart transformation in our friends, family and loved ones, then we must be ready to embrace whatever godly radical change it carries.  Paul was knocked off his donkey and was blinded for three days but Cornelius was hit by the Holy Spirit in his house while listening to Peter’s sermon.  Two different methods but same heart transformation.

God choses how to do what we need, when we need it. Let’s embrace it instead of tagging it fearfully and treating it like a diseased bug we want to squash.  Its the One God with different methods to reach a diverse people that He created. He knows how to get us what we require. After all who knows us better than the One who created us?


10 thoughts on “Never Stale

      1. God in a box is what most Christians want,. God showed me a vision a while ago. In the vision a saw a figurine of Jesus. The person in the vision kept it in his pocket until he needed something and then he would take it out-

  1. No one could have said this the way you did because you are anointed, in the way you say the things you say. i just want to take this opportunity to express how blessed, favoured, and grateful i am that you are apart of my life. no one could impact my life the way you do, that’s because you are anointed to do so and i appreciate it and you so much. you are the best spiritual mother on this earth. you are like God on this earth. there is none to compare to you and absolutely none like you. I LOVE you mommy.

  2. Yes! I knew it. You are the reason I don’t give in to guilt and manipulation and work with kids. It is NOT my calling, and I know it.

    I also know that out there somewhere is a person who has been anointed for the ministry…people just like you.

    If I am filling a position, but am not anointed to do it; then someone who IS anointed to do it has no place to serve.

    So, I’ll make you a deal – you stretch people by the ministry you’re doing with the kids, and I’ll stretch their parents during worship as I try to lead them into the Lord’s heart and out of their “doin’ the religious thing ’cause it’s Sunday” attitude!

    My prayer is that the Lord would show us all more of His glory. He is so amazing.

    1. You’ve blessed me with that comment. We just have to find out what we’re anointed for and stick to it. Doing God’s work without the anointing for it produces problems. When we are anointed for a thing it becomes ‘us. it turns into “being” and not “doing”. Glory!

  3. LOVE! Praying for the Spirit of the Lord to continue to work within the hearts of those not allowed to go, as well as them to inspire their parents and friends while seeking His Kingdom

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