To All The Mom’s

*Gigantic smile*
My husband just surprised me with my mother’s day gift. He hid it in my handbag I was packing up to go to church with later while I wasn’t looking. I am esctatic! It’s what I wanted and I am feeling on the moon. 🙂

It feels good to be appreciated and loved. Its good to know you have someone who listens to you and wants to grant you all your heart’s desires. All I have to do is speak it! This, my earthly lover who loves me like Christ loves His church, reminds me of my heavenly Lover who loves me enough to actually die for me – His church. Such beauty, wonder and fascination touches every facet of my mortal being and personality.

So I just want to take this time to say to all my fellow blogging moms, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and BLESSED MOTHER’S DAY!

You are special. You are a world changer never forget that!
Many blessings and love from my famiy to yours.
Hugs and kissess to you!


6 thoughts on “To All The Mom’s

  1. Happy Mother’s Day mommy! 😀 Love you! N u shud nt 4gt also dt ‘You are special. You are a world changer!’ 🙂

  2. So happy you have had a great Mother’s day so has my wife. For your children and mine to have had a mother that loves Jesus is a blessing beyond words. To have had a loving mother is something I shall never know; Please tell the children how blessed they are! God Bless!

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