Party in Heaven

Last night I was sitting in the dark listening to a sermon from Bishop Tudor Bismark that he did at Bishop T.D. Jakes Church – The Potter’s House in Dallas, Taxas entitled: “Don’t Choke“. He is one of my favourite speakers and his wife is also very good – Pastor Chi Chi Bismark.  They inspire me much when I listen to them as they present the truth of God’s word in grace and skillfulness.  My dear reader, truth is what I am writing about today has nothing to do with Bishop or his wife…hahahaha.  Just wanted to mention  I was listening to them because I love them and want to introduce you to them in case you’ve never heard of them. smile.

Okay on with the story….

So, my son who was sleeping woke up and realised we were in the dark.  So he began to whine and complain “Mommy place dark, turn light on, on with light mommy…”  So I got up and went to turn on the light but I switched and instead dashed around the corner with my phone light leaving a trail for him to see where I went.  Naturally he didn’t like it because now he couldn’t see me anymore.  He began calling me: “Mommmy, mommy, mooommmmyyyy…”.   Since the phone light had now faded he was stuck but he had followed closely behind and got  very near to where I was when the light I was carrying went dim.  I was standing right where he was but he couldn’t see me.  So on his fourth call “mommmyyyy”  I answered “yes baby,  here I am”.  He couldn’t see me but he could hear me.  So he put out his hand trying to find me, listening intently from where the sound was coming .  I answered again realising that he still didn’t find me and of course since the place is completely dark I didn’t want him to bump into anything.  Although I was standing right there he could’ve  just easily turned around if I didn’t answer fast enough, then bump into the wall or the bookcase so I answered even louder just to reassure him to continue because even though he couldn’t see me in the dark, if he listened for my voice he surely could hear me and then find me.

Upon being certain that he heard me correctly, he proceeded with arms outstretched and then in one more step, he took a hold of me.  I was so overwhelmed and ecstatic that he followed my voice in the dark and eventually found me.  As I grabbed him placing a thousand kisses over him and turning on the lights so now he could see his way, he said “mommy, I found you in dark” with a huge smile on his face. I replied equally overjoyed “yes baby. You sure did”.  I told him how proud I was of him and that I love him.

The Lord then spoke into my heart “if it pleases you so much that you’ve found your son and he found you in the dark of your home,  how do you think I feel when my children who are in the darkness of sin in a world that’s not their home, eventually find Me, grab hold of Me and then realise their true Home? How do you think I feel to have them wrapped in My arms?”

I smiled and said “my Jesus, I can only imagine”.

I thought about it and then this scripture tells me explicitly what happens – PARTY IN HEAVEN!

“I can guarantee that there will be more happiness in heaven over one person who turns to God and changes the way he thinks and acts than over 99 people who already have turned to God and have his approval.”  Luke 15:7 (GWB)





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