Freaking Out!

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I know God can do the impossible so why am I freaking out about what he’s telling me to do next?

Impossible example:  In Jamaica beaches are the norm.  Sadly as citizen we don’t appreciate and enjoy them as much as visitors from other countries. One day though on a family day out, I was sitting on the shores in a period when I was just getting to know God. It was a season in my life where my faith needed to be built and I was sitting a little away from my family and friends, talking to God.

“God its so hard talking with You and not hearing an answer.  I know you hear me so I don’t know why it seems so hard for You to respond to me… You know, like conversationally.  I wish when I talk with You, You would just respond and make me know You are actually wanting to speak with me as I want to speak with You.  Long sigh. I wish I could see a fish jump and flip over right in front of me, here on the shore lines (almost impossible).  That would surely prove to me that You are hearing me even if you are not responding in a manner I would like. Nah, that could never happen”  I concluded as I sadly placed my head between my legs.

I held up my head looking out into the deep when suddenly before my very eyes a huge fish about 15 inches in length freckled with colours of the rainbow jumped out of the ankle length water flipped twice before me and then disappeared under the surface of the water.  I began to holler… I was so startled. I turned to the persons beside me and shouted “Oh my God, did you see it, did you see it?”  “See what?”  “The fish, the fish!  Did you see the fish?”   “Aum… fishes don’t come to this part of the beach.  it’s not exactly the ocean or a fishing site you know”.  “I know, I know but a fish just flipped up out of the water right here in front of me!” I yelled in excitement.  I think they believed the sun’s rays had penetrated my skull and I had gone nuts. “That’s kinda not possible  They replied with much skepticism.  “No, It is! It just happened! You never saw the fish?I ecstatically answered with much drama in my face and conviction in my tone.  “Amo…fishes do not swim on this part of the beach worst on sandy shores that have water less than even ankle deep”  They slowly, in a monotone and cautiously concerned voice re-informed me like a tactical officer trying to calm a potential suicide victim who is about to jump off a ledge to certain death.

In that moment I recognized this was a kairos moment in time with Jesus and I. I smile broadly and told them “okay” trying to assure them I haven’t lost my marbles. I then began to jump and holler like a mad teenager meeting their Hollywood crush for the first time. They walked off slowly like “who she? we do not know her…no affiliation at all to this nutcase”.  I could’ve cared less.  I knew what that event meant for me.

God did it! Right there in front my eyes.  He proved to me that He was listening and was hearing me even though He was not responding in a manner I wanted.  He did the impossible just for me – He’s awesome.

That is just one of the many times that God has proven to me that He is able…so, why am I now freaking out [freaking out being a serious understatement] about what He’s putting in my heart to do at this point in my life?

Isn’t He able?  If He was able then – which He was; Isn’t He able now?  Will He not forever be able? Isn’t He able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can think, ask, conceive or imagine?

My friend, please pray for my faith!    It’s been seriously stretched, possibly like its never been before.

I need your prayers.


11 thoughts on “Freaking Out!

  1. Praying for you!

    “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Love your fishy story!

  2. Is this from your journal Amorelle? If you don’t have one you should be keeping one. It will not only bless you but also others you share it with.

    1. Tony I have so much they are invading my house. HAHAHA. I have stopped for a while now cause I have no space to properly store them and they are being destroyed. I now try to record the super cool stories with God (honestly the ones I do remember to record). thanks for reminding me tho. You are such a blessing.

  3. Fishes might not swim on sandy, ankle-deep water naturally, but when God sends ’em, they most certainly do! I picked up two heart-shaped rocks on the beach here today. No one else I know finds them. I get them all the time!

    If you want to strengthen your faith, go back and read your journals. Remember how God was always telling the Israelites to remember? The reason is because when we rehearse all the ways we’ve seen Him in action it pumps up our faith like no amount of Bible reading or prayer will. Anyway, this always works for me.


    Abba, I thank You that we are never stretched to the point of breaking. Sometimes we are shaken so that all that is chaff is blown out of us. Thank You that You never quit anything You begin, so when we are through the time of sifting, we WILL return and strengthen our brothers and sisters. Thank You for these opportunities to sink our roots deeper into You.

    I also thank You for Amorelle and her willingness to witness and testify of Your goodness to all who read. We overcome by the *word of our testimony* and the blood of the Lamb. She does that faithfully here.

    Give all of us discernment to know when we’re being tested and when we’re being attacked and need to be proactive.

    To You be all the glory, the honor, and the praise!
    In Jesus’ name, Amen!


    1. Wow, that’s great. keep allowing him to stretch it. It will expand and bring you into a world of difference. With Him you are able. Thanks for your comment. Many blessings

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