Yesterday I told you my impossible fish story. Today I want to tell you another act of impossibility that Jesus did, this time not for me so much as through me.
We were in camp in 2011 when the campers were playing co-head football (soccer). In the middle of the game, a young man accidentally stepped on his sister’s ankle. I was trying to get a few minutes rest because I was so tired when they came hollering for me.
I went to see Paula* sitting on a chair with her leg elevated. It was twisted and its size was almost as large as her thigh.  I was so scared. I tried not to show it.  First thing I thought of is “what in God’s name am I going to do”.   We were no where near a hospital, no vehicle was present on the compound and that ankle needed attention.  They were applying first aid to it but there was not much improvement and she looked to be in severe pain. [I was Freaked Out Big Time!]
I called my pastor who is my spiritual mom and informed her of the situation. She told me I have to be wise and get her to a hospital at all cost. Sigh. I agreed.  “Alright I am going to pray and then figure out a way to get her there”. I thought to myself.
I told the campers, the aunties and uncles to gather around her and pray. When they were through I felt like the Lord wanted me to pray a little more before hauling her away to get medical attention.  As I sat there petrified, The Lord said to me “tell everyone to worship Me with hallelujah songs “.  So I informed them to begin worship God with hallelujah songs.  This they began to do.
I sat with the young lady outside the worship auditorium and the young man on whom she was resting, laid my hand on her knees because by this, her ankle up to her knee was swollen and began to pray. I was so saddened and disheartened over everything. I prayed as earnestly as I could in that moment.

A few minutes into my prayer, I felt her leg shaking in my hands. So I opened my eyes to see if she was trying to move. The look on her face told me she was as much wondering what was going on as I was.  So I asked “did you just shake your foot?”  “No…no I didn’t”  “you didn’t?” I asked surprisingly.  “No I did not!” She replied emphatically. “I did not at all”. “Ok then” I said feeling quite puzzled. Then she said “wait, lemme try and walk”.  {When I got there she was in so much pain she could not move.} She got up but had to be assisted. She mulled around but couldn’t get far. So she was taken back to the seat.

I replaced my hands on her leg, closed my eyes and began praying again when her foot began to shake more violently than the first time, then I heard “POP”.  So I. Jumped to my feet, quickly opened my eyes. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “Did you hear that?”  She nervously smiled and said “I not only heard it but I felt it”. Her smile broaened and she said “lemme try walk again”. When the young man got up to help her she remarked “no no no. I wanna try it alone”. As the worship from the group heightened, she lifted her faith and her body and alone she did try. This time, she hopped until she could walk around all by herself. 

The Lord popped her ankle back in place to its normal position and the swelling went down instantly. I was so overjoyed, I was speechless. I was teary. I was overwhelmed. I was moved. Imagine I’m praying for healing yet when it came, I was unable to accept the impossible happening right before my very eyes.  She said “I’m not going no hospital. I’m ok”.  I insisted she went but she insisted even further she’s not going. I called my pastor and informed her of what happened and she assured me if she’s unwilling to go and she is in no pain then fine.

Since she was one of the aunties I know she’s mature enough to be wise. So I left her to her decision for that time. The camp was closing the next day and she played sports for her team and all. They won prizes for volley ball, netball and drama. Nonetheless, we gave her money and insisted that after the camp she should go check it out just to double make sure all was well.  She went 2 days after camp and got medications as a precautionary measure. She’s well today and her brother who was a “playing Christian” rededicated his life to Jesus because of what he witnessed Jesus do for his sister out of the abundance of His love.

God turned an impossible situation into an opportunity to bless and show forth His glory.  If He did it for Paula, He can do it for you, your friends and family and by extension me.  Keep pressing, keep believing. The same God back then, is the same God right now.

Have faith in Him!

*Paula…name change to protect actual person.


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