Impossible II


So since I am on a roll with God and His ability to do the impossible, let me give you another example. This time I want to show you how obedience can reveal the impossibilities of God.

When I was in College I went to chapel service one day and was sitting behind a young man when I felt in my spirit like the Holy Spirit wanted me to gently rub his back. I thought it was weird that the thought kept floating in my heart. I kinda tried to passively ignore it but after a few minutes I did it anyway.

The young man instantly turned around and half smiled.  Feeling kinda cute I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t exactly hear God say I should, I just had an impressing urge to do it.  So I looked at him and said “hey, how you doing?”  He replied “not bad” and turned back around. I felt so weird. [Heeeshhhh]  Nonetheless, the service went on and I forgot about it.  When the service was through I was on my way out heading to the lunchroom  when I saw someone chasing me on the corridor.  “Amo, Amo, Amorelle…..” He yelled . “yes” I replied.  “Did you know you have healing in your hands?”  “huh?” I answered questioningly.  He continued… “I was in horrible pain when I came to school today.  While in chapel, when you put your hand on my back I was so surprised.  I didn’t know what to say. When you asked how I was, I replied ‘not bad’.  However, in my head I was saying, ‘don’t touch it too hard because I am in pain’ but I chose not to say anything.  To my amazement by the time you were finished and I was standing for prayer I couldn’t believe it – all my pain was gone”.  Eyes wide open, brows densely knitted and jaw fully dropped… “What?” I said surprised and dumbfounded at the same time.  He reiterated “My pain is gone. All gone. Nada…nothing. Thanks much. Thanks”  and with that he walked off smiling while I stood frozen to the spot.

“What!! well how about that?” I thought to myself after I eventually walked off.  Did God do an impossible act right there in the midst of my simple obedience?  That’s crazy!  Well crazy awesome.  That guy went home pain free and I went to my dorm “fantamazed” (Fantastic + amazed).   What a God!

If He did it before my friend, surely He can surely do it again.

Keep believing, keep your faith up.

Your God is able

Much love.


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