God spared me

Hi guys, I don’t normally blog about this aspect of my life but I feel led to today so I will. When I was in college, my friends and I used to pray every night. The Lord brought us together as friends for that purpose most importantly.  You can read my posts (two links below) on friendship to see how my friends and I met. Of course there are other reasons, but I believe the purpose of praying is the main one. We witnessed many answered prayers while there. We did a lot of spiritual damage against the enemy and so of course with this came the challenge of being attacked. 

You see there was a High level witch that worked in the administrative department of the college whose sole duty was to destroy and cause abortion to the purpose and destiny of those whom God had called and chosen.  There were days she would wear certain clothes and if anyone got in her way or upset her on those days she would state with her own mouth “Don’t mess with me today. This is my day to destroy and do damage.  Don’t you see the colours and clothing I am wearing? If you mess with me today, you might really regret it” Then she would laugh [in a shrill brooding voice if you ask me.]  Everyone thought she was kidding but the Lord revealed to us that she really was a witch and outlined to us her tasks at the college.  He also unveiled to us that people who do know the truth were afraid of her so they would cease prayer because she would attack them.  Her demons specialised in accidents and so crazy things would happen to the persons and their families if they persisted in prayer.  The Lord told us though that if we persisted in prayer and faint not, our consistent persistence in prayer would prevail against all odds and we would get her to leave the College.  For years all the different boards tried to fire her but they just couldn’t for one reason or another. So many administrations came and went and she was still there. They just couldn’t terminate her employment no matter how they tried.

When she realised we saw through her disguise, she began to investigate about us from the other students. For some reason she investigated me the most and seem to hate me more. This brings me to my accident that she orchestrated.  In 2 weeks my two friends all met into accidents of some sorts but the one I was involved in was the worst. 

I was coming from the hair salon studying for an exam in the public transport when I heard the Lord say “Begin to worship”.  I’m like – “What God?” Looking quite annoyed.  I really didn’t want to. I had exam the following week and every bit of my time was precious, valuable study time. He repeated “Put your book in your bag and begin to worship”. I was not amused at His request. “Oh man!”  Long, long sigh.  I closed the book reluctantly,  but didn’t put it in the bag. I closed my eyes, put on my earphones with some worship music and began with a heavy, aggravating voice [as if I was doing Him a favour] “Lord, You are worthy…I love You….You are beautiful….”  Suddenly I heard someone in the back of the bus shouted “What is that car doing in the middle of the road?”  Before I could open my eyes all I remember is BANG, BANG, BANG…CRASH, CRASH, CRASH.  There was a lot of screaming and hollering and I was disoriented and just….gosh, lots a blood, stuff all over, oh man, just lots a crae, crae, craziness.

Half of my clothing was torn off me, people lying on top of each other all hurt, hysterical and fearful because the bus was smoking heavily as if it was about to explode…whew!  Then I looked to the left and saw bobbing and weaving of a head and then – no movement.  Good Lord! One of the persons from the car had died and the other looked half dead. “Oh my God! Oh my God…where am I? Is this for real… what.. what’s going on? Wait… I’m alive?  I AM ALIVE!”  Thank You Jesus!” I looked around me and it was a mess.  [Thinking about it brings back so many memories….hmmm]  To leave out other traumatic details, I called my husband and he left work instantly and came for me.  When He saw the bus – the car – the collision, he began to cry and thanked God for sparing my life.

God spared me.  He protected me.

When I returned to school Ms Witch was not amused. She knew she had failed. Her counterfeit power met the real power – JESUS! She knew, we knew she was responsible. She held her head down in hateful disgrace when she passed me. The stench of failure emanated from her while the aroma of righteous success oozed from me.  All three of us survived the many attempts on our lives.  God spared us.  We never stopped praying.  We prevailed in prayer and today she is no longer there.  She was dismissed from there shortly after we graduated and the school became free of her hauntings and drama.

The supernatural is real my friend.  Divine and diabolic aspects of it is as real as the hair on your head or the breath you breathe but can’t see. Albeit, the persistent prayer of the righteous does avail much. A thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come near you because Jesus will uphold you with His righteous right hand.  God is your Protector and He will shield you from the wickedness of the evil around you.  Keep praying, Keep believing.  Through Him all is possible.

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7 thoughts on “God spared me

  1. Satan’s greatest achievement is getting people to believe that he doesn’t exist. And to accuse people who do believe that he is real of being crazy.

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