Ways and Routes for you

My friend, Today, I want you to believe that your God is able to see you through anything.  Why don’t you look to Him? As you work in obedience to His word, and His will; He opens ways in the deserts and provides a route in your wilderness.  Though at times He may seem late in coming, you will find that His timing is perfect and sure.

Why don’t you believe Him today?

There is nothing to loose. He loves to help and is ready and willing to assist you.  His idea and yours are probably different because His ways are higher than ours and so are His thoughts.  Why don’t you connect to Him today.  Learn from Him.  Learn His heart, so both your heartbeats can collide and then synchronize. Then you can watch in the background as He allows your dreams to come through right in your foreground.

Heaven is waiting on you.  Don’t be rude and let them wait any longer.  Your season is now. Your time is of the essence.  What are you waiting for?

image by: http://www.secretsoflife.com

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