Embrace your passions, Embrace your destiny, 

 Embrace hurdles, Embrace opportunities,

Embrace life’s challenges, Embrace failures,

Because it means you tried.



Embrace the unknown, Embrace the uncertain,

Embrace the adventure, Embrace the ride,

Embrace the critics, Embrace the cynics,

Because it means your efforts were noticed.



Embrace the young, Embrace the old,

Embrace love, and the pain it may bring,

Because it means your heart is open not shut down or cold.



Embrace God’s wonder, Embrace His splendor,

Embrace grace, Embrace the glory of His face,

Embrace your difference,

Embrace you – the real you

Flaws and all,

Because it means you are an original.


by Amorelle Lewinson. copyright 2013


11 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. I must admit. I’m not d biggest fan of poems…
    But I love dis 🙂
    Esp the last line…
    Embrace E’. The real me…
    Warts and all
    Cos it means I’m an original
    #myversion# 🙂
    Cheers love

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