Rule Your World

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Our words have such power.  The bible tells us that we call those things that are not as though they are which simply means we form our world with our words.  I have evidence that this is true.  However we do suffer mishaps from time to time and say the wrong stuff.

Case in point my three year old. He gives me a warm time (understatement) trying to prove that he’s 31 and I am 3.  Apparently he birthed me.  [Crazed Sigh]   I find myself constantly saying “Nathan-Andrew just does not listen to me!”  or “He’s so disobedient”  or “Boy what is the matter with you?  Are you crazy or something?”  or “Boy, I just don’t know what to do about you…you’re driving me crazy!”

The Lord began to deal with me about the words that are flowing, spilling and gushing out of my mouth regarding my son.  One minute I am praying about him being a man of God, a mighty warrior for Jesus, a man of integrity, the head and not the tail and whatnot, then when I get irritated I’m spewing stuff like ‘Lord have mercy, I can’t bother with you at all’ and any other minor craziness that flows out of my aggravation when he refuses to listen to me.

Its not easy realising the error of our ways but I am glad for the Lord’s chastening.  Whew! Thank God or else I would not be changing into His image and mindset.  I would still be selfish, self-centered and serving my flesh. So I have decided and have been trying to practice a different route based on the prophetic power of words.

So when I get upset, annoyed and aggravated, my words are now and shall be “Nathan-Andrew, you are always listening!”  and “boy, you hear so well even demons are afraid to hang around you fear you hear them and bind them up”  and “You are always putting away your toys”  and “NJ you do not annoy the daylights out of me at all” and “NJ you are so obedient it mystifies me”. 

See I understand that God has designed us to rule the earth – atmosphere and all.  He says the highest heaven belongs to Him but the earth He has given us to rule.  RULE YOUR WORLD WITH YOUR WORDS!  Instead of professing facts, prophesy seeds of truth. It will produce a tree of truth later on in life. The Lord has destined the universe to line up for you when you speak to it especially speak His words with power and authority.  As a child of the God of this earth, it is your divine right to design your life with your mouth as He did millions of years ago to the planets stars and galaxies .  How many persons are suffering now because of words they continued to profess years before?  “phew, I’m never getting married” / “my life will never change” / “I am always sick” / “I’ll never find a good mate” / “I’ll never go to college” / “I’ll never lose weight” / “I’ll never have money”.

Change your words!

“My business will thrive” / ” My children will be successful in all they do”. / “My ministry will flourish with integrity and principle” / “I am blessed immensely and purposefully” /  “My marriage will prosper and be an example for all around me to emulate”  /  “My friends are faithful and honourable”  /  “My name (____________) is associated with integrity, fruitfulness and love” / “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”  /  “I am not a renter but a homeowner” /  “I am a wise investor”  / “I am a master at my particular skill and art” /  “I am a Mountain mover”  / “I am a problem solver” / “My brain operates at optimal speed and functionality so I remember all I study” / “I have favour and influence everywhere I go” / “Righteousness is my ruler and peace is my governor” / “I am healthy and whole and will remain that way”

Allow your words to be faith-filled and form the kind of environment you desire to be your habitat.  Your working with God will produce the life you were destined to live. That is the important chain in the link.  Remember prosperity of soul and spirit is a divine design but its manifestation is personal decision.

Try practicing it for 21 days despite the difficulties, doubts and dismay that will arise when you begin the declarations. Do it nonetheless and watch the difference it first makes mentally then, eventually the world around you. Many blessings.

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16 thoughts on “Rule Your World

  1. For some reason I was thinking I was following your blog, and was starting to wonder why I had not heard from you? Well my mistake I had somehow missed the follow button, please forgive me? I fixed that ! So now back to your post of wisdom I just love how the Holy Spirit just nudges us to the left or right to get us back on track. Of course then there is me who at times a ball bat works best with. Is that a smile I see on your face? 🙂 Like your son I too know how to press all the buttons and still be O so sweet, that is what boys do, we were made for adventure. Maybe if the things you wish for him to do is an adventure? Your right words have power we can make things an adventure or a drudgery and I think wisdom has found you and the Holy Spirit is your wisdom. Amen. God Bless, James

    1. James, you made my night with your comment. I just got a chance to respond and I know the delay was for a reason. I’m a little low mentally right now (trying to fight and be joyful despite what’s happening physically) and your comment helped made my night. I truly appreciate it. More than you know. smile. What makes me appreciate it even more is the fact that God showed me that EXACT statement [“wisdom has found you”] and hearing you say it surely has confirmed it. I do appreciate your comments as God has used them to water my soul tonight. BTW, I did laugh about the ‘bat’ statement not just smile… Many, many blessings!

      1. Abba Father, My sister is feeling low right and joy seems as if it has left her, we know that is not true. This is just a snare of the devil in the name of Yeshua ben Yhovah I speak the words you must flea, Amen. Now please Holy Spirit wrap you arms about my sister and fill her with peace, love, and the Joy of the Lord, Amen. In Yeshua’s name we have asked and in Yeshua’s name it is done, Amen.

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