Beauty Secrets

I have found that people keep telling me I look way younger than I look….seriously, they do – All the time.  I admire the compliment and most times attribute it to the anointing and grace of God on my life *smile*. (I do naively believe that’s true with all my heart).  As a matter of fact, when I was getting married at age 22 years, the photographer and videographer asked to see my birth certificate to ensure I was over eighteen. They took my mom’s word for it that I was old enough and went ahead with their duties as planned.

Many persons are so addicted to beauty treatments.  They spend thousands of dollars daily, monthly, and yearly in making themselves look prettier/younger/sharper/more handsome. You name it – It’s out there to buy.  I have a few of my beauty treatments I would like to publicly share with you today so you too can feel and look younger than you actually are.

1. Cleanse your heart daily with the cleanser of Repentance.

2. Bathe/Soak thoroughly in the Word of God.

3.  Apply forgiveness to keep away wrinkles and body fats.

4. Stay moisturized with much prayer. This also helps with worries and fears.

5.  Apply love its the greatest deodorant. The 24 hour protection is impeccable.

6. Keep perfumed with  Worship From the Heart®. This brand is unbeatable and guaranteed to last.

These tips have worked wonders for my youthful look because they work from inside out unlike the others that most people use. I sure do hope they will help you in some way.  Please inform me of your progress to youthfulness.



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