The Key to Freedom

What?  You must be mad,

Obviously you don’t care how this makes me sad.

After all they have done to me,

You are asking me to let them go free?


I think You have surely lost Your mind this time,

Of all the ugliest things you want me to leave behind,

No! This cannot be fine,

This hurt and pain is mine.


I hold it wrapped in my heart,

I do not, with it want to part.

Do you know how it made me feel?

How it burnt me like the stink of an electric eel?


No way!

My pain is here to stay

I will hold on to it for yet another day.


Truth is though,

Its eating at me like nothing else I know,

It’s encasing me with bitterness like cold hard steel,

It has deadened my thoughts and not making me feel,

Even the warmth of the sun,

Or the love of Your Son.


Oh God!

I surely need help,

But how can I forgive,

No! No! No!.. I’d rather not live,

Than to let them go for all they did.


Truth is my heart and soul is in bondage,

Unforgiveness is keeping me hostage.

I’m so torn about what to do,

God come to my rescue, will You?


Lord come to me! No please stay!

Lord come, No stay!

Lord come, No stay away!

‘Cause if you come I know what You will say.

“Forgive and be free,

It’ll be fine, you’ll see”.



Yes, Lord I hear you loud and clear,

It really hurts and is hard so it brought me a scare.

Truth is my offenders are walking around sweetly carefree,

When I suddenly realise all along the real prisoner was me.


image by:

written by Amorelle Lewinson. copyright © 2013.  All rights reserved.














10 thoughts on “The Key to Freedom

    1. I know from personal experience how difficult this is having struggled with this for years and years and currently struggling to keep it from enveloping me again. It is possible tho, ask Daddy to help you as I did and over time u will realize you are completely free. Don’t rehearse the pains and hurts caz it empowers them. Start small and progress… would love to know how its going…many blessings

      1. Today my Spirit is strong and His truth is forefront. This particular friend and I have been here in the past. And each time we both grow immensely and have come back together even stronger with a testimony of forgiveness that our children are able to see. BUT when the days arent so great, and my mind has allowed one too many lies to take hold, the hurt causes the thoughts of….well lets just say its not the kind of love i ought to be thinking about. 🙂 God has been showing me this year exactly what you titled this post. That forgiveness is Key to His Kingdom. It comes like love with many layers, and the closer we get to Christ the harder it is to humble ourselves and let go of our ‘rights’ to be justified. As always thankful for your heart and desire to encourage His children.

      2. That’s awesome to know. I know how easy it is to rehearse the hurt….oh boy do I know very well. I am glad tho that u say His truth is forefront. Victory is assured. Thanks for blessing me with your comments.

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