Everybody deserves…

Everybody deserves to be loved,
Everybody deserves to be hugged,
Everybody deserves to be appreciated,
Everybody deserves to be celebrated,**

Written by Amorelle Lewinson.  Copyright 2013.  All rights reserved.

*This poem is part of Rev Amorelle Lewinson’s poetry Devotional Book – “Tattoo Me”

To get the rest of this poem and much more inspiration – pick up your copy here 

final kindle front


9 thoughts on “Everybody deserves…

    1. Your comment made me teary. I’m Going through a long hard season of crazy crazy. very long. An “All that can go wrong is going wrong”. kinda season. I feel like Job! Honestly. All I can do is write to my Jesus to keep me together. Your comment made my day. Thanks so much. Really appreciate it.

      1. You are in the process of character development so you will be prepared for what God has in the new season. Job got double of what he lost when his trials were finished. Your future is awesome.

      2. I figure that is true. Well, actually I know that is true but honestly it is hardly making this journey any easier especially when it includes family. I am encouraged nonetheless because God is not silent through it all and we keep getting prophetic words about our sacrifices and how God is gonna reward us from persons who have no idea about all the sacrifices we have been making in obedience to God. sigh. I guess, its just that everyday we hope and trust today will be our ‘new day’ but instead something else goes wrong you know. Trust me almost a year and a half of this kinda unfamiliar life wearies even the sturdiest of Christian – well that’s just my opinion. Please bear me and my family in your prayers. thanks much and thanks for the encouraging word.

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