The aching in my soul

Oh there is an aching in my soul,

That seemingly will not grow old,

It burns like fire and refuses to go cold,

With all the money in the world it cannot be sold,

It is plain and luminescent; big and bold.


Sometimes I wonder,

It makes me ponder,

What else can I do,

So people can get a clue.


I try to live right,

Try to show them the Light.

I try to be real,

So the sick  and broken can be healed.

I try to encourage,

So the faint can achieve courage.

I try to give to those in need

So those who lack can be joyful indeed.


Yet most the world seem to reject,

The Only Way to true happiness.


It hurts my heart to watch as they go,

Carefree and careless in their  stupefied flow.

My heart aches with the Father’s love,

And I wonder do they even know they are His beloved?


I wish the world could understand,

How He fashioned us all for a perfect plan.

Now mankind suffer and die forever,

That was not His will – No Never!


It aches my soul!

How do I play my role?

How do I make them see,

Life as it was supposed to be.


I want to do all that I can,

To eradicate evil’s great plan.

I must walk the Way,

Talk the Way,

Live the Way,

Until all is swayed,

And know my Jesus as the Only True Way.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. © Copyright 2013.  All rights reserved.


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