Do it anyway…


Sometimes Life gets rough,

Our challenges get tough,

But when decisions need to be made,

To better yourself and bring to others aid,

It may be hard to do, but do it anyway.


Sometimes people turn their backs on you,

You don’t know why, you haven’t got a clue,

But you know you must face the truth,

With you they had no root.

Now you must face them everyday,

Seeing them in a whole new way,

It may be hard to do, but do it anyway.


At times a new journey must be undertaken,

You may get fearful of a diagnosis you are awaiting,

A love one passes and it spreads pain in your heart,

As you watch your relationship come apart.

Feelings of nothingness overwhelms you,

And you don’t know what to do,

Step out in faith,

Let hope anticipates,

The dawning of a new day.


Breathe deeply, smile, pray,

Then lift your voice and say,

‘Things are not going my way,

But today,

I’m gonna do life anyway”.


Written by Amorelle Lewinson.  copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.





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