All Interesting…

Interesting how easy we find criticism,
But hard to find solution.

Interesting how we marry someone because they look beauiful,
But divorce because they spend so much time beautifying themselves.

Interesting how we love to talk negatively about others,
But expect others to talk positvely about us.

How we feel we can always think evil and awful thoughts,
But expect all good and favourable occurrences in our lives.

How we can do wrong as a matter of choice,
But blame God for all the consequences.
All interesting.
Wouldn’t you say?

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.


12 thoughts on “All Interesting…

  1. We are called to look at the solution and focus on Jesus not the problems. Looking at a cup that is half full with immense possibilities. Emitting gratitude for what God is doing in our lives and for those that act as sandpaper to make us more like him! 🙂

      1. Thank you my friend…and you as well. May we both continue to reach out to God’s children for them to see the Light that will lead them out of darkness. Many blessings to you. 🙂

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