Dead Weight

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As I have finished one week of my vacation here in New York, something occurred to me that made me smile a bit. Coming from the tropical paradise of Jamaica, this type of temperature is not welcomed and comfortable to me in the least bit.  Yes I have travelled in the cold before, but that was years ago and I totally was not prepared mentally and especially physically for the harsh conditions that I would face at all.

My first few days were brutal and I even seriously pondered forwarding my ticket and spending only one week instead of two.  My family talked me out of it… (glad they did).  Needless to say, since this vacation was not a shopping one, I was even wondering why on earth should I stay for two weeks when I’m freezing my tusche off, which was causing major pains and annoyances all over my other body parts.

I was advised to layer…layer I did.  Somehow, though, I just couldn’t get warm. A few tops, plus sweater, plus outer sweater plus bottoms and two pairs of socks and it still felt like I was sitting in an icebox – inside the apartment. I was having no fun.  It never occurred to me that my body needed time to adjust to such a climate since it was not native to me. I moaned and complained and even at times regretted my decision to vacation in the winter (although due to certain circumstances I almost had no choice).

After sitting down and analysing all that was happening, I began to realise that apart from my body needing to adjust, the stuff i had on, were not made of the proper type of materials needed to keep me warm and cozy.  It’s like the difference between cotton (cool) and fleece (warm).  My fabrics were not suitable for this weather. So although I was well layered, instead of doing the job of keeping me warm, they kinda became aggravating dead weight to me that served no purpose. So, I ran to a local store and picked up a few fuzzy socks, winter tights, and whipped out the proper sweaters and jackets. Then VOILA… hello warmth. On top of that my ‘Moma’ got a mini heater for my room for when its extra cold and I don’t wanna pad too much on the inside.

This all made me think:

So many times we have stuff carrying around that we believe are helpful to us, when in essence they contribute nothing to our cause. They burden us rather than assist us.  They are dead weight.  Aren’t those the kinda weights that beset us? Now that I have the right stuff, even though I am still layered, its a whole new feeling. This kinda weight is helping me, so it is not burdensome in anyway.  I totally feel light despite the layers. Its like what Jesus says “…His burden is light” and I totally agree.

Its like the difference between carrying around the burden of compassion to the burden of bitterness.  One helps us to be “heart healthy” so it kinda becomes light, while the other keeps us in bondage so it becomes painfully heavy.   Some burdens are worth carrying while others? NNN…Not so much. Smile.  I’d much rather carry the burden of love and joy than hatred and unforgiveness. Nonetheless, Jesus says to cast our cares on Him…that means all our burdens too.  So at the end of the day I’d much rather rely on Him to carry them for me regardless of what type they are…

How about you?


7 thoughts on “Dead Weight

  1. Great analogy. Bundling up in warm clothes are essential for staying warm in the cold. It also helps to have a heat source nearby. Living in the Arctic, I love to be close to the wood stove or in a sauna. Clothed in proper clothing helps one either live or be wretched, no mater if it is warm or cold. Sometimes,when we get out of our comfort zone, that which is important becomes clear.What has worked in the past, does not work in our present circumstances and we must adjust and change. It reminds me of the man who went to a wedding and didn’t wear the wedding clothes provided for the celebration. He didn’t get to remain but was kicked out.

  2. This has got me thinking: “What am I carrying that I have no need for?”, “What is a burden to me instead of a blessing?”, “Have I cast all my cares and burdens upon Him, my Rock??”

    Thanks so much… Great piece!!!

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