~Airwayz 2013~




\Welcome on board 2013 Airwayz, Flight 365 Days.  I believe you have your tickets already checked and stamped by PRAYER.

We’ll be flying at 100% success level and 100,000 ft above failure. Tighten your seatbelt and relax as we are about to take off with pilot JESUS CHRIST on route 2014 Airport International.

As part of this flight complementary package, we shall be stopping over at:
Divine Breakthrough Borders,
Unparalleled Prosperity Place,
Anointing Avenue,
Divine Favor Facilities,
Joy City
Love Lighthouse,
Patience Palace,
Wisdom Way,
Abundant Blessings Bridge and finally land at 2014 Airport International.

Please ensure you take treasures from all these locations, since there is no limit on what you can carry from them as luggage to 2014 Airport International.

You and your family will surely land safely at 2014  Int’l Airport since this flight has a safety record of 100%.

Your departing gate title is PURPOSE and forget about checking in long lines at DELAY area. Since you have overcome 2013 failures and trials, you can head straight on to VICTORY department, where unnecessary waiting, delay and depression are never allowed.

Your meal on this flight will be the sumptuous and filling WORD OF GOD.

Enjoy the ride in Jesus name and remember to keep your SEAL OF THE HOLY GHOST visible to hand to your flight attendant when we land, so your transition to 2014 Airport International can be a smooth and easy one.

Now please, sit and buckle up in Ephesians 6 paying special attention to rules 13 – 18.

We know you will not fly with us again on this particular flight, but we hope to have you fly with us to 2015 International Airport in December.

We are honored to have you. May God bless you.


10 thoughts on “~Airwayz 2013~

  1. It was quite a flight but the landing was great. My luggage is full of delightful and needed things. So happy there is no checked luggage charge! Thanks for a wonderful post!

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