Just Do It [part two]

When God tells you to do something, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, Just do it!


A few years ago, I was instructed by the Lord to go to the internet and download air fare prices to US and begin to pray over them daily. I thought it was the craziest thing.  My US visa had expired years prior and I had no intention of travelling to the US anytime soon.

Nonetheless, that May I did what I was instructed and I looked up every airline I could fine that traveled from Jamaica to the US and vice versa, downloaded the prices and began praying over those papers.  I felt so silly but did it nonetheless.  About early July, the “craziness” of it all overtook me and I stopped praying.  It’s just that all the praying to me was ridiculous when nothing visible was happening and I saw no way to go to the US – At All! The visa application expenses were humongous and I had too much going on to think of that; plus airfare and all these things.  So I figured, it must have been my mind playing tricks on me and I stopped praying.

About mid July, a few of the teens in my church won a national contest and the finals were international and held in the US. Everybody began making plans to attend (except me). I even helped with the planning. Suddenly my pastor (who was attending) said it was going to be too challenging for her to manage all the young people on her own so she would like me to attend. What? Oh my God! I didn’t see how that was possible at all – financially.  She encouraged me to be hopeful and said she would do her best to help.

Within two weeks all the paper works were finished, US visa renewed, Airfare to Los Angeles gathered, Greyhound Money gathered, accommodation expense gathered, all the other travelling money gathered (including shopping) and I was in Tennessee. It all happened so fast. Fun thing is, the only money that came from my pocket was US $80.  The parents of those going, my mom, my pastor and a few others around me who knew just chipped in an gave me money – without me asking. In less than two weeks I collected almost US$1200. In Jamaica that is almost $125,000. UNBELIEVABLE!

When on the plane, I began crying in gratitude to God and He reminded me of his instructions to me months before.  He said “I asked you to pray about this long before you even had any idea you would be here right now because I knew everything would have to be quick and you would be too overwhelmed to pray effectively and achieve immediate results.  All you always need to do my child is just obey whether you understand or not.  My thoughts for you are always good”.

I knew then more than ever that obedience is especially important.  Its even more essential when it seems ridiculous and silly. Anything God tells you to do, just do it.  You have no idea how you are shaping your future and that of others.

What do you need to do that you are contemplating instead of obeying His instructions?



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