A laugh,

A touch,

Can mean so much,

When it comes from those who love you. 


To hear words of tenderness, 

Spoken in truth and righteousness.

Makes you realize; your life means more,

Than just doing your daily chore.



Appeals to the heart,

Appeases the soul, 

Releases the spirit, 

And makes you whole. 


A Smile, 

A touch, 

A tear or two, 

Kisses the heart, 

Chases the blues. 

Burries the old,

Unveils the new, 

Destroys the lies, 

Awakens the truth.


But no!

I will not fear, 

Not even despair, 

As long as I have You near.

To speak to me so tenderly,

And love on me so gently. 


Well what do you know,

I finally see how words can help to grow, 

And usher in,

Peace within,

When life has taken your nine yard grin.



A touch, 

A kiss,

Will soon be missed,

If loved ones are taken away. 

But that’s okay.

‘Cause at the end of the day,

The words they’d say, 

Lives on and on,

Your mind they forever adorn. 



Written by Amorelle Lewinson.  Copyright 2014










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