*Let it Go*

I recently  heard a story of a little girl in a cartoon drawing, who had a prized teddy she loved with all her heart.  It was her most prized possession.  She did everything with this little teddy.  It was really small and so sometimes when she hugged it,  it would feel like it was lost in her hands. She occasionally wished  it was a little bigger but still,  she didn’t make that matter to her for the most part.  She loved it and really adored it.

Then one day, the Lord came to her and requested the teddy from her.  She was heart broken and refused to release the teddy to him.  He,  with a huge smile kept stretching out his hand requesting she hand over the teddy to him. As the young girl struggled,  he just stood there with one hand behind his back and the other out front still waiting on her to release this teddy to him.

As the cartoon stretched to the other box,  to our surprise the hand that the Lord had behind his back revealed a gigantic teddy exactly like what the little girl really desired.  It was perfect!  It was all she truly wanted and more.  Yet because she was unable to see,  she thought giving up the teddy was more like God “taking something she loved away from her”. She couldn’t understand that if God requested it,  it was only because He has something better for her.

That story saddens me yet thrills me all at once because I was like that little girl years ago.  I was the one who couldn’t understand the part of giving to God whatever he requested from me. I too thought that sowing a seed or paying my tithes, or giving love gifts of whatever was simply God wanting to “take” my possessions. I did not understand at all. God is nothing like that at all.

It really saddens me when I think of so many people who have missed their own teddy. They missed the big heart desiring, perfectly sized, perfectly perfect stuff God has for them because they couldn’t see his perfect will nor trust him to carry out his perfect will because they couldn’t see!

So many persons have lost their own big teddy, lost their own perfect everything, just because they are holding on to that which God is asking them to release. What a shame. Oh my!

Could that be you tonight my friend?
What might God be asking to let go that you still Are holding on to?
Or better yet who?

Just remember if he is asking you to “give it up”
It is only because he must have something bigger and better waiting for you..

So don’t be afraid to let it go.
If it happens, just remember what you will give up is nothing compared to what you will receive. .

He loves you and only wants the best for you. He has abundantly above all you could ever hope for and think and imagine ready and waiting for you if you just let it go!


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