You are Diamond


Diamonds have to first be separated from its ore – dirt and rock and all kinds of impurities, before we see its true beauty. The greater it’s purification, the greater it’s value. Do you know how valuable you are? The Diamond didn’t get its value after its purification, It was already valuable
locked up inside that rock.

You are not your past, you are also not a failure. Your true value will be “seen” as you let go of what you were and not allow what you went through to define you. You are in the hands of the One who cannot fail and He it is that is working a great work in you. Don’t confuse God’s work with what the enemy is trying. God is revealing to you and to others your true worth. He that began a good work in you, shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Let God finish what He began in you. Be obedient to His process. Let Him show you, what He already sees, in you.

borrowed and edited from:
@kevindownswell on IG
Jamaican born international gospel recording artiste


12 thoughts on “You are Diamond

    1. So many times we get totally confused about what God is many. Many times we are the ones asking him to do it but then we get challenged, overwhelmed, aggravated and of course totally confused with when he begins the process. Smile.

  1. So many good points in this! I love the reminder that is so reassuring, that HE is not finished with me–and HE WILL bring it all to completion…not just leave me “undone” 🙂

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