Birds of a feather

Don’t be surprised that I don’t treat you the way you treat me,
Don’t you see?
Only birds of a feather stick together.

Don’t be faint hearted that I didn’t trample you when you fell,
Can’t you tell?
My feet are meant for leaping over my enemies,
Scaling walls and boundaries.


**This poem is part of Rev Amorelle Lewinson’s poetry Devotional Book – “Tattoo Me”

pick up your copy here 

final kindle front

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “Birds of a feather

  1. I read this and realized, the more like Him we become, the more beautiful we really are. It’s hard to grasp this because the world doesn’t always honor those qualities, His qualities. This world has two faces. I don’t understand the other one. Makes fitting in hard.

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