~Tattoo Me~ Poetry Devotional Book


Guys my poetry Devotional Book – “Tattoo Me” is finally finished and how humbled I am at God’s goodness to me.

It was such a challenge getting all the lovely poems that you guys love into one book.  But it was done and to God be the glory. I have written a bunch of new ones to make this devotional book, a true guide to the presence of God.

Here is a part of the poem for the title of the book – Inspiration comes from Is 49:16

Tattoo Me.

Capture my heart.

Imprison it in the mist of your whiff.

Your love is extravagant,

Your intimacy – intoxicating,

Your fragrance – exhilarating,

Your passion – inebriating.

Tattoo Me.

Let me rise from your essence,

Drunk from your presence,

Flavoured by your heart’s desires.

Tattoo Me.

Let your will disrobe me,

Then re-clothe me,

Make my skin aglow.

Constrain my aim,

Change my name,

Coach my game,

Kindle my flame,

Make me not the same.**

Well, what can I say? Thank you all for your kind, encouraging words that propelled the writing and publishing of this book.   Our “blogship” helped to produce this book and I am really grateful for the new relationships I have formed because of blogging. Your usual support is truly appreciated.

– pick up your copy on Amazon Kindle  here 

final kindle front

About the Book

“Tattoo Me” is a poetic inspirational guide that is designed to take its reader on a devotional journey into the presence of God. Its pages express themes including: intimacy, war, hope, love and shows its reader how their identity is important in purposing them for the adventures of life. The poetic devotional is simple, relatable and reader friendly; with gems and nuggets tucked away on every page. “Tattoo Me” will not just take you on a divine journey, but will cause you to want to repeat, after you get to your destination.


7 thoughts on “~Tattoo Me~ Poetry Devotional Book

    1. Denine, Thank you so much for your promotion of my book. you blessed my heart and brought me to tears. *birds of a feather do stick together*. Prosperity and favour be yours in Jesus Name.

  1. Amorelle I just ordered your book. I only read a few poems so far, but it is so good! You should be proud. Your heart and you love for God is so beautiful! Love it and Love you!

    1. you did? *Oh wow* you bless my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you do find it purposeful, would you mind giving it an honest review when u are able. Hope a not asking too much. smile.

    1. James, thank you so so so much. What a blessed news to hear this morning. You have brought tears to my eyes. I am grateful. I kinda, in a meager way, Glad i helped you to do your first ebook purchase. Lrl. Lrl. I really appreciate your support. You are one of those whose verbal support helped with this book so, I’m happy you will have your own copy of your contribution to its production. Again thanks. I patiently await your response and review of its content. Thanks much

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