Two the Lord’s Way

Two weeks ago, I set out to achieve a goal. I must say through God along with one of my daughters – Samique Ferguson, and my husband’s support, I surpassed my goal.  I intended on publishing my poetry devotional – “Tattoo Me” but little did I know, a goal set for two months later was added to the mixture and now I stand utterly humbled before my Jesus.

A second book is now available for purchasing on Amazon Kindle. My book “Divine God Encounters” is now ready to take you on an exciting journey into supernatural encounters with the Divine God. I call this act of God –  “Two The Lord’s Way!”

This book was first published last year in paper back here in Jamaica, but it is now updated and loaded with more encounters I have had with my Jesus, and prayers to enact and activate your faith for you to have the same.  I am truly grateful to God for enabling me to do all this along with the many other things I have to do daily.

why don’t you guys check it out.  Take a peek inside and allow it to stir and intrigue you.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Your usual support is thoroughly appreciated.

Adventures in the Supernatural

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