Say It Because It Is So!

I haven’t posted for a few days, but that’s because I have been so occupied with various projects. One of these projects includes one of my latest books that I co-authored with one of my spiritual daughters.  I am so proud of her. Sancia Stone is one of my ministry’s praise and worship leaders and a member of the Cave New Testament Church of God here in Jamaica. She is a great writer and I was privileged to share this project/journey with her.

This book “Say It Because It Is So – Exercising the power of my words” is part two of the series “Making My Mouth Work For Me”. It is a declaration book for you to daily use, so you can effect and enforce the change you want to see in your personal life, ministry, family and job.  It is simple, straightforward and savvy. It is for you. It is for me. This book works best with part one of the series “Say It Like It Is – Frame your world with your words”, but it is perfectly effective as a stand alone guide to prophesying your destiny into your life.

I know this book will work for you because it is flavored with the word of God and meditations of God. I know it will help your everyday life, ministry, work and family as you stand firm and flatfooted, speaking as the Lord speaks.  He tells us we shall decree a thing and he shall bring it to pass [Job 22:28]. That is his word and they cannot return to him void.  Upon that assurance we are guaranteed full victory. Hallelujah!

See a sample of our latest book here

Peruse this book.

Purchase if the sample seems like your forte.

Practice with firm commitment.

I do hope you guys will find enrichment, whether from the sample or the book itself. It is my desire to empower you through all my writings, (commercial and non-commercial alike) so you can empower those around you.

My blessings are with you.

Say It Is 2 Cover


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