Angelic Encounter – DGEB

“In one of my first encounters with an angel, I was quietly reading a passage of scripture when the Lord asked me,  “Would you like to know the name of your guardian angel?”   I replied, “Is that possible?” He told me the name of my guardian angel and said, “Go ahead and call his name, if you call his name he will come.”

I was really afraid. Then the Lord interrupted my thoughts and repeated, “If you call his name, he will come to you.”  This he repeated three times. So, I stood and called the name of my guardian angel. The minute the words left my lips, an awesome presence filled my room.  The life and energy emanating from his presence was astounding.

I had never encountered such an incredible rush of energy,  such a dramatic atmospheric shift. It wasn’t a fearful presence for he didn’t come to cause me fear. However, the instantaneous change in the atmosphere filled me with awe and reverence. I did not see the angel with my physical eyes, neither did I see him with my spiritual eyes, but I literally felt a change in the atmosphere. It went from being ordinary to being filled with life, energy and light.  My  heart began to palpitate and I couldn’t help declaring, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!”

It was a wonderful encounter and from that day I had confidence in knowing that my angel was always on guard ready to protect me, and ready to defend me.    God has assigned additional protection to His people through His angelic beings”.

~ Taken from “DIvine God Encounters”™

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hope the sample blessed you 🙂


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