New Start

Never know the rain would begin to pour,
Never know my heart could feel so sore,
Never knew my life could feel so torn,
Stressed, depressed and worn.

It’s in moments like these,
I reflect on all you have done,
Ooh blessed Son.
I know it was no fun.

You are all I have right now,
So I’ll grab on to you any how,
Doesn’t matter where,
Through traps or snares,
I will keep you near,
And dear,
You calm my fears.

Life can throw you some wicked curve balls,
Not the ones you use to deck the halls.
These are the ones that destroy – Annihilate,
These cause you to disappear without a trace.

So Lord hold my hand this I do pray,
Keep me safe to see another day.
I am weak and weary,
Can’t find words to say,
Just keep me close to you heart,
Let me see tomorrow for hope of a brand new start.

Written by Amorelle Lewinson. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.


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