Return Quote.

well after a month of no internet,

Man, no browsing, no blogging, barely can see emails and all of my daily internet related activites, it felt like torture.  I must say even though its not up to its regular speed and antics, its good to be back in business.

Did u guys miss me? *shyly asking*

Even though I am painfully tired and weary, lemme say hi and bye with one quote for today. I call it my “Return Quote

Just because you smell like the pit, and look like the prison, doesn’t mean your palace is not waiting for you”

– Amorelle Lewinson

Taken from my book “Giant Gems – Inspirational Quotes and Stories to Motivate, Meditate and Move you”.

Own a kindle device? Like a  Fire tablet or a Fire Phone? – Prime members can borrow this book for free on Kindle. Yes I said you can borrow my book and read for free – totally free.  So what are you waiting for?  Click the link above and dive in. smile.

Anywayz my goodly blog-mates,

See you guys soon.  should be up and blogging again soon soon.


Thank you Tony, ( means alot. 🙂


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