hi guys,

To all my loyal bloggers and readers of my books, this one is for you… and anyone else who needs a little inspiration or motivation 🙂

Over the next few days, I will be having a special promotion on one or more of my books.  So if you already have a copy or a few copies of any of my books, you can get this one as a bonus for free. Yes, yes – ABSOLUTELY FREE.

All you need is an e-reader app which you can download for free from all over the web, or the kindle app which you can download from Amazon.  So keep a look out for any post that says *ALERT –  FREEBIE COMING THROUGH* and you will know you have a free book on your hands. This promotion begins tonight (Saturday 26th) to Monday (28th September 2015). You don’t even need a credit card to purchase – since its free. Just click the clink below

Today’s freebie is my brand new book entitled:

“Giant Gems – Inspirational Quotes and Stories to Motivate, Meditate and Move You.”

This little book (it’s a short read) was birth out of the many life lessons which I have undergone. My own struggles led me to coin a few motivational quotes to assist me in times of despair and despondency.  Unknown to me, as I ministered around or shared these quotes on various social media, persons were helped tremendously and even delivered from certain nefarious situations. As they shared their stories with me, I became very motivated to help others even more, by sharing my own stories of the circumstances under which these quotations were coined. At the end of all those struggles and issues, Jesus fought for me in his love and helped me overcome my challenges and the birth of certain quotations were cemented. Jesus is awesome!

All I ask my loyal readers and bloggers, is that you write an honest review of your read.  Can you promise me that you will please?  Thank you kindly:-)

I pray sincerely that this book will bless you immensely. My desire is that this book will not only inspire you, but motivate and move you to meditate upon the love of the Lord and his power to save.


What do you think?

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