Eat it up…

Hi Gorgeous,

Wanted to just remind you of my gift for you over at AMAZON.

If you have not yet claimed it, lemme quote you something from it to whet your appetite:-)

“…another benefit of Separation is that it builds our: Competence. It makes us skillful in the area of our calling. The more we take risks…the more competent we become.

Good practice makes simplified perfection.

The more we practice and move in our destiny, the more knowledge, skill and tact we learn… which helps others see that if we can achieve, so can they too. In other words, gaining competence, helps to inspire and motivate others to aspirate and meditate on our God’s design for their lives”.

Lewinson, Amorelle. Separated For Him (Kindle Locations 240 -246). Lewinson Library.

That small excerpt was taken from my book Separated For Him. Can I be real with you? The total truth is, I really want to empower you. I want to help you fulfill your purpose in 2016 in my small way. Dear, you were not born to just live. You were born to thrive, come alive and derive purpose and fulfillment from all areas of life. If destiny and fulfillment of purpose is to happen, you will go through processes of separation. Let this book help prepare or refresh you of the process.

Just click any of the links above or the cover below to claim your free copy. No tricks or gimmicks. It is a simple short read. So, go get your favourite drink, snuggle up in your favourite place and “eat from its pages”. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you digest all you read. We wrote it together, so there is no one better to read it with than Him. It is all about Him anyways. As you dive in its pages, allow Him to bring it alive in your heart. I know He will – I am confident of it.

I love you and pray your best and most fulfilling year yet.

separated for HIM



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