Thought for today

Fools and knife


17 thoughts on “Thought for today

    1. No it’s not. However, i found that thought rather reflective since i have been stabbed so many times with the knife (even just a few weeks ago – stabbed to the point where it went out the other side into my heart) and i kept taking the massacre, instead of using that same knife to cut myself away like a wise person should. It really spoke to me, so i thought I’d share it. Maybe it’ll minister to someone too. That’s all. Appreciate the concern.

      1. Isn’t it just worst when it’s someone’s misconception and misinterpretation that breathes the lies and the claws of betrayal T, Then it’s so bad they can’t repair the damage since they already maligned you and all you stand for so maliciously? Oh geez man.

      2. I’ve been there Amo. People whose bedside you visited when they were sick. People you’ve helped out in their time of need. People you grieved alongside of when a loved one is lossed. And then, as you said, something happens and relationships are destroyed.

      3. And also reach out to others you trust. It is a lonely road and there are times you have to go it alone because people don’t like what you have to say. However, when possible, share your pain with a trusted friend. Betrayal hurts and stings because it comes out of nowhere and it comes from those you’ve given your heart to.

      4. Yes, those you’ve given heart, soul, time, energy, resources, love… you name it. It stings to the core of ur inner being. Sigh. I’m much better tho T, and I’m fully learning to be wise. I did talk. That’s why i was able to move on at a much faster rate than usual. Thanks be to God. The trials are so much at times. You wonder and are tempted to say “why me Lord?” you know. But he understands. Long sigh.

      5. This is the kind of wound that Satan loves to nurture with the hope of causing a root of bitterness to grow. Been there and done that. This I’d the kind of wound that you need to keep in the Lord’s hands on a daily basis. Forgiveness is hard with this type of wound but nevertheless necessary for your walk with the Lord to continue.

  1. Thanks T, i believe u will. I really appreciate it. I was in a much worst state. Many tears, no appetite, lack of sleep, fighting bitterness by the second, depression, pain in areas I didn’t think possible to have pain… whew! But I’m healing more and more daily. Thanks be to God’s love, encouragement of those who truly love you and the prayers of those who care.

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