*Embrace Me*






Is your love for me.






You fought for me.


Like a Lion you roared.

You echoed through the corners of the universe:



In an instant,

I was no longer bound.

Free. Free. Free.

written by Amorelle Lewinson. copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

That is bridged version of a poem that can be found in my latest book “Embrace Me: Cage Me In Your Love”. You can get your copy over at Amazon by clicking the link above or the pic below.

embrace me COVER

Embrace Me, is book three in the series – devotional poetry. It takes you on a journey with me as it was written to reflect a time of great suffering and pain in my life. The poems are naked, raw and authentic. They reveal my journey in learning to understand how a God of love operates in my times of intense confusion and hurt. They unveil how lies and deception trapped me, but how true love and friendship freed and restore me. Come with me as I take you on my discovery of myself & God’s love in my time of suffering and pain.






3 thoughts on “*Embrace Me*

  1. Really? awww. that is a super blessing to hear. That kinda made that one poem worth the stress of writing the entire book. That is a piece of it however. The rest is in the book. I’m trying to make the book permanently free, but still can’t figure out how to do so yet. So for now its $0.99 (the lowest Amazon will allow me to sell it). I made some mistakes over the last few months because of serious persecution and trials. I used them to create this poetic devotional book that I believe all can learn from, so they don’t make the same mistakes I did you know. I hope u’ll pick urself a copy and maybe find yourself some treats for your own life. many blessings sir.

    1. oh until i figure out how to get it permanently free, i will be making it free for at least 5 days per month (the most Amazon will allow). So ifyou know anyone who my story can help, tell them about it. and if you’re unable to buy then download for free when the free days are available. thanks and bless you sir. 🙂

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